Group Mission and Rules

Where the parking is always free, the attire is always casual, and where sportsmanship, integrity, and respect to others always come before the leader board.

True Swing Pros was created to offer true swing players throughout the TWO community a place to compete with other true swing players and promote the true swing style of play. All true swing players are welcome and assistance with any aspect of true swing play is always available.  In order to allow players of all abilities to compete, True Swing Pros has a handicap system based on USGA handicap calculations. See Explanation of Handicap Calculations:


  • Members may submit only 1 score per tournament.
  • Forfeiting a round and restarting a new round is NOT ALLOWED AT ANY TIME.
  • Members may suspend a round for any reason and resume the same round any time during the Tournament duration.
  • If a member cannot resume the round due to a problem with TWO, the tournament can be restarted but the problem must be reported to an administrator for approval.
  • Members may suspend a round and post a DNF (did not finish) for the tournament.
  • Violations of the no restart rule will be considered a serious offense and may result in a member being asked to leave the group at the discretion of the group administrators. This is for the benefit and integrity of the group as a whole and to promote the highest level of honest competition.
2. Previews:
All group tournaments are played with no previews.  In the event that a group tournament is set with previews, it shall be considered a mistake by the administrator and the tourney will continue with no previews allowed on the honor system.

3. Equipment:
There are no restrictions on equipment that can be used.

4. Strokes lost due to TWO bugs:
Members should report any strokes lost due to bugs such as missed tap-ins and whiffed shots where the golfer completes his swing as soon as you start the backswing and the ball goes nowhere.
5. Honor System:
Honor system is in effect for all items that the Administrators cannot control.
If an Administrator makes an error setting up a tournament, members will use settings that are in accordance to group rules.

Tournament series and daily tournaments
One tournament series consists of 10 daily tournaments. You can see settings of each daily tournament in the Tournament order.  
  • Before we start a new tournament series, there will be a draw of courses, we will play on. 
  • All courses are in drawing drum before 1st drawing.
  • First we will draw where we will play our first tournament - Scoring round. Then we will continue with all resting 9 tournaments.
  • When we finish all 10 tournaments, there will be draw of the next series.
  • Only courses, where we didn't play in past rounds are now in drawing drum (if we played at Highlands in Scoring round in the 1st tournament series, this course is out of play for the next 23 Scoring rounds).
  • Now we have 24 courses in TWO, so after 24 tournaments series all courses will be played on each round. If there will be added some new courses in TWO, they will be added in drawing drum in the case, if there will be more then 5 tournament series left to play. In this case the whole season will be prolonged (with 2 new courses added before 5 last series we will play 26 series).
Each daily group tournament will have both a scratch and handicap winner and each tournament series will also have a scratch and handicap series winner, based on cumulative money won for the series. Winnings are based on PGA distribution of the total purse of $10,000,000 for the tournament. If there will be a tie, players will get the same money - not average (if there will be a tie of 3 players on 2nd place, all three players will get 1.080.000,-. Next player on leaderboard will get money for the 5th place).

The whole season
Our season consists of 24 tournament series. If there will be added some new courses in TWO, the season consists of so many series, how many courses can we play (only in the case that the new course is added before we start last five tournament series of the season).
After finishing the whole season, there will be announced winners:
- Master of True Swing Pro's Season (scratch+hcp)
- Master of wind in 4 categories: calm, breezy, windy, gale force (scratch+hcp)
- Master of grids: ON, OFF (scratch+hcp)
- Master of aiming: standard, advanced, expert (scratch+hcp)
- Master of each course (scratch+hcp)
- Master of the longest drive contest
- Master of the closest to pin contest

Now with 24 courses in TWO, we will announce 70 masters.

After each daily tournament all participating players will get points (in scratch and also in hcp tournament).  And how many? It depends on their postition on leaderboard and on the number of participating players.

Player who finished on the last place in daily tournament will get 1 point. Next better player will get 2 points, etc. always one more point. So if there will be 15 participants in daily tournament, winner will be awarded by 15 basic points, 2nd gets 14 points, the last 1 point.

The best players will also get bonus points depending on their place on leaderboard and on the number of participants.

If there will be 1-10 participants, the winner gets  additional 3 bonus points, 2nd place 2 bonus points and 3rd place 1 bonus point.
(example: 8 participants, winner: 8+3=11 points, 2nd: 7+2=9 points, 3rd: 6+1=7 points, 4th=5 points, .... 8th=1 point)

If there will be 11-20 participants, the winner gets additional 6 bonus points, 2nd place 4 bonus points, 3rd place 2 bonus points and 4th place 1 bonus point.

If there will be 21-30 participants, the winner gets additional  9 bonus points, 2nd place 6 bonus points, 3rd place 3 bonus point, 4th place  2 bonus points and 5th place 1 bonus point.
If there will be a tie, players with the same score will get arithmetic mean of distributing points.

Websites, infos, leaderboards, stats

Results of all tournaments with money earned you can find on pages made by RonPiskorik
You can find there winners of all past tournaments and series played before the new era of our group tournaments, informations on handicap calculations, current player handicaps, and much more fun information. This information is updated daily by one of our group administrators.

Results of all "new era" tournaments are also published in the sheets made by bendasek
You can find there all results, number of wins and points of each player in all monitoring categories (winds, aiming, grids, courses), records, stats...

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