New Season has started!!!

Hi all group members :-)

After 2 Practise Series we started our new Season of group tournaments on Monday 8th of August 2011.

Summary after 3rd Season Series:.

  • 22 of our members took part in at least one tournament
  • 3 of our members took part in all 30 tournaments
  • 9 of our members took part in at least 15 tournaments
  • great 7 wins for JimI830 in hcp tournaments (6 wins in grids ON tourn.)
  • we have the first ACE - made by Jac_Prime on the 12th hole of Pebble Beach Golf Links
  • bendasek - leader of scratch leaderboard
  • RonPiskorik - leader of hcp leaderboard - very constant placement
  • Bobby leads grids OFF scratch division by 0.3 points
  • 8 wins from 12 Any aiming tournaments for bendasek
  • only 3 different winners in 9 scratch Advanced aiming tournaments (ben+Bobby+kgh)
  • 4 wins in 5 attendances for Bobby in Calm winds scratch tournaments
  • excellent win for kgh by 6 strokes in White practise round (breezy+OFF+Advanced)
  • Bobby has won all 3 scratch Silence before storm rounds
  • bendasek has won all 3 scratch Still alive rounds
  • Ron has won twice scratch and hcp tournaments in Welcome to hell round
  • List of current Masters after 3rd Season Series was updated

Summary after 2nd Season Series:

  • 20 of our members took part in at least one tournament
  • 6 of our members took part in all 20 tournaments
  • 11 of our members took part in at least 10 tournaments
  • 10 wins in scratch tournaments for Bobby and 9 wins for ben
  • 4 wins in handicap tournaments for jagman
  • Bobby won all 4 Closest to pin contests on TPC Boston with the most difficult green settings
  • very close leaderboards in hcp tournaments - calm: 5 players in 10 points, breezy and windy: 4 players in 10 points, grids ON: 5 players in 10 points
  • bendasek won 5 last windy tournaments and his average placement in windy tournaments is 1,17
  • jagman56player won 3 hcp tournaments with any aiming (played only 5 tournaments)
  • 6 different winners in 6 Advanced and Expert aiming hcp tournaments
  • jagman56player has 4 wins in grids ON hcp tournaments, his average placement is 2,83. What a pity he played only 6 of 12 tournaments.
  • 6 wins of 8 played grids OFF tournaments for Bobby and leads by 18 points this division
  • List of current Masters after 2nd Season Series was updated

Summary after 1st Season Series:
  • 19 of our members took part in at least one tournament
  • 7 of our member took part in all 10 tournaments of the 1st Series
  • great 7 wins in scratch tournaments for  Bobby_Jones_vg
  • 3 wins in handicap tournaments for JimI830 + 6 other different winners in hcp division 
  • best shot from tee on 3 par hole: JimI830 - 5,76 in (17th hole of Pebble Beach Course)
  • longest drive: jb54 - 478,27 yds (1st hole of Oakmont Course) 
  • lowest score: Bobby and kgh104: -22 in Scoring round on Whistling Straits Course
  • highest winning score:  bendasek and Bobby: -2 in Still alive? round on Highlands (windy+grids off)
  • all handicap leaderboards are very close, every player can be in first 5
  • first List of current Master after 1st Season Series is published

All new members are welcome. Nothing is over... more then 200 tournaments will be played in the Season. Join us and...
Be The Master of all True Swing Players!!! 

Join us and gain important and interesting infos from our stats. Do you know if you play better in comparison with other players with grids on or off, using expert aiming, in gale force wind, on Highlands? You can know it. Just play our tournaments and watch your stats.
Please see the rules of play and rules of our tournaments, series and whole season on the Rules site.

Play our daily tournaments with all possible settings and compete with all our members in all tournaments or only in tournaments with settings you want to play. After the season, we will announce a lot of winners... BE ONE OF THEM!!! Be the Master of breezy winds, Master of handicap grids off tournaments, Master of TPC Boston Course... 

Our season consists of 24 series of tournaments. Each series consists of 10 daily tournaments with very different settings (these setting will not be changed, but we will play always on different course). You can see settings of all tournaments in Tournament order and
Drawing rules on the Rules site