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  • Hi every True Swing Pro,
I would like to offer my help to Ron and to all of you. Ron, I can update statistics of our tournaments. I think I know excel and web, and if my knowledges will not be so high, I will learn everything I will need. So, Ron, if you want my help, send me your excel file and step by step instructions how to update our statistics. But… I can do it only on week days, because on Saturdays I often play petanque tournaments and on Sundays I want to spend my time with my family. I would do it in my work. But because I live in Europe, I need to our tournaments will end in the early morning of my time (around 1 a.m USA ET). If you agree with these terms, I can help you.

I was thinking about our tournament series. We can play the same scheme we use now, but I would like to offer some other possibilities of our tournament series. Try to think about it and write us your oppinion (i will use some examples, but we can change settings after discussion):

  1. Current system: 10 different 1 round tournaments on 10 different courses with the rule of the person (winner, 2nd, last) who picks the settings of the upcoming tournament.

  2. Current system with one 3 rounds tournament at the and: we will play 9 different 1 round tournaments on 9 different courses and then play one 3 rounds tournament on one course with the rule of the person (winner, 2nd, last) who picks the settings of the upcoming tournament. (for example: we will play 9 single round tournaments and then 3 rounds in St.Andrews.

  3. New single system: we will play 10 different single round tournaments on 10 different courses. Before we start new serie, all members will know where we will play and with what settings. We can play only once on one course in the serie. And the settings will be same in all upcoming series (for example: in every serie we will play 8x black tees, 2x blue tees, 4x expert pins, 3x hard pins, 3x medium, 2x easy, similar settings with wind, hardness,… and 7x grids on, 3x grids off).

  4. New single system with one 3 rounds tournament: similar system like no.3 with one 3 rounds tournament at the end.

  5. More rounds tournaments: every serie will consist of (for example) four (or more – but then the serie will take more time to finish) 3 rounds tournaments with same settings (for example: every round of the 1st 3 rounds tournament we will play on Riviera course with setting we will all agree or someone picks. Then we will play on TPC Boston with same settings like on Riviera,…)

  6. Long 1 round tounament serie: serie of tournaments will consist of 1 round tournaments played on every course TWO offers to play (now we have 21 or 22 ? courses, so the serie will constist of 21 tournaments). And again, we will know the settings of all rounds before we start the new serie.

  7. Master of the course: serie will consist of 10 (or less) single round (or 9 + 3 rounds tourn.) tournaments played on ONE course with different settings (+ grids on or off). The winner of the serie will be Master of the course.

  8. Or other system :-)

And we can also think about this: will we count results of all tournaments or will we count for example only 8 best results from 10 tournaments in the serie? If someone cannot play everyday, he has smaller chance to win the whole serie.

Try to think about it. We can start serie no. 22 with new system. If you want I can place an application here to vote. And it will be nice, if there will be more then 12-15 participants. But how to reach higher figure? I can also make these web pages better and more beautiful with more informations, rules, pictures, statistics and of course with the link on our main page - Rons statistics.

Sorry for my bad english.


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