Start of "the new era" of group tournaments

Hi all group members :-)

I am very glad I can announce that "the new era" of our group tournaments is prepared for all of you!

We start on Monday 8th of August 2011

2 Practise series are behind us and you can see that everyone can be the Master.

Please see the rules of play and rules of our tournaments, series and whole season on the Rules site.

You can now play our daily tournaments with all possible settings and compete with all our members in all tournaments or only in tournaments with settings you want to play. After the season, we will announce a lot of winners... BE ONE OF THEM!!! Be the Master of breezy winds, Master of handicap grids off tournaments, Master of TPC Boston Course...

Be The Master of all True Swing Players!!!

Our season consists of 24 series of tournaments. Each series consists of 10 daily tournaments with very different settings (these setting will not be changed, but we will play always on different course). You can see settings of all tournaments in Tournament order and Drawing rules on the Rules site.

Join us and gain important and interesting infos from our stats. Do you know if you play better in comparison with other players with grids on or off, using expert aiming, in gale force wind, on Highlands? You can know it. Just play our tournaments and watch your stats.

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